Monday, July 6, 2009

My Pirate Pig

I made this card for my mom's challenge on Scrappy Frogs, but now that I have this blog I can do my challenge with other kids, not grown ups. I colored the background with copic markers and then I used the cricut for the pig and the pirate flag. Then I stamped the skulls on the deck

I even added a pirate ship, some more skulls, and a flower to the inside of the card.


  1. Ainsleigh! You have your own blog! How cool is that?! You are such and incredibly talented girl!! I am loving the card and the blog..both are really wondeful..and I cannot wait to see what else you create! :D

  2. how adorable! I love your pirate pig!! :)

  3. Very nice card. I'm sure my daughter would love to play along. What are the rules for this challenge? What cuts or materials have to be used on a card? Or is it just to make something with a pig or pirate pig?

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